Halo Operations in the Unites States

Oregon ($1B)

Leading share in highly competitive and growing market
Vertical Supply Chain
Jackson County (EEC Farm) - 6 acres outdoor with 6,000 sqft of light dep greenhouses
Eugene (Winberry Farm) - 1 acre of outdoor with 9 classic strains
Robust network of growing partners statewide source 1K+ lbs. of flower per month
Medford 12,000 sqft Facility - produces all product lines
Volatile extraction
Distillate, live resin, shatter
7K sqf courtyard for additional storage and processing Third party white label agreements increase supply of cartridges and edibles
Eugene 3,000 sqft Facility – Centrally located distro hub
1.5 hours to Portland, Bend , and Southern Oregon
6 delivery vehicles
Well stocked with $1M of inventory on hand at all times
Oregon Cultivation Operation Overview
7 Acres Statewide Of Outdoor Canopy In Jackson County
Executed concise tactics to produce favorable results including a farmwide auto-flowering plant pilot program
Expanded plantings to grow 21 award winning strains by Terphogz and by DNA Genetics
Expanded and continue to expand flower processing and pre-roll production
Added a second 3,000 sqf light dep greenhouse to house bank of award winning genetics will also provide staging ground for clone sales program.
As a result, this year's 2020 harvest on the six-acre outdoor Evans Creek grow site (“EEFC”) was approximately 18,000 pounds (8,165 Kilos) of dry weight, usable, cannabis.
Halo expects the 2020 East Evans Creek harvest to have a wholesale value of up to $9,000,000 NEO: HALO / OTCQX: AGEEF / GERMANY: A9KN 14

California ($3B)

Vertically integrated in the largest US market
20,000+ SQFT Manufacturing
Southern – 15,600 sqf at Cathedral City with Type 7 licenses for volatile manufacturing and Type 11 & 13 licenses for distribution
Northern - 4,500 sqf in Ukiah with Type N license for infusion, edibles and co-packing; Type 6 for manufacturing; and Type 11 for distribution
Statewide Distribution
Partnership with Nabis who penetrates 99% of the California market with distribution to over 650 dispensaries throughout California
Self distribution for bulk orders and white label through Mendo Distribution and Transportation (“MDT”) acquisition
Expanding Brands and Products
Increasing product diversification by launching additional categories such as edibles, pre-rolls, infused pre-rolls, THC syrup, and brands Zkittelz, Flowershop
7K sqf courtyard for additional storage and processing Third party white label agreements increase supply of cartridges and edibles
Bar X Ranch
Largest Cannabis Grow In The Northern California And Southern Oregon Regions
Halo Labs, via its subsidiary PSG Coastal Holdings (“PSG”), partnered in a real estate holding company, Lake County Natural Health LLC (“LCNH”), with Green Matter Holding (“GMH”), a subsidiary of Green Matter USA. PSG and GMH each own a 50% interest in LCNH
Encompassing 1,600 deeded acres (647 hectares), the Bar X Ranch boasts clean air quality and abundant natural resources —specifically water, arable flat land and good soil
Lake County permits multiple licenses on the same tax parcel, and cannabis cultivation on 0.5%, or 1 in 20 acres of contiguously-owned and adjacent parcels, making this property one of the few sites in the Southern Oregon and Northern California Cannabis Growing Region (including the Emerald Triangle), where a cultivation of this size can be developed
At full capacity, Halo estimates an annual harvest of 240,000 pounds (108,862 kilograms) of dried and cured cannabis, at 4,000 pounds per acre (4,483 kilograms per 10,000 square meters)