Halo Operations in the UK

UK Operations

Canmart Limited
Supplier and distributor of CBPMs to pharmacies and clinics throughout the UK
CanMart is one of 5 fully licensed importers and distributors of CBPMs in the UK market
Operates a Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency
Occupies certified 30,000 square foot 3rd party logistics warehouse in the South East of England
Distribution Channels
1. Medical (regulated products supplied to a network of doctors & clinics)
2. Lifestyle & Wellness (CBD based products for anxiety & pain
Largely insulated from any potential post-Brexit issues due to CannaHealth Care’s distribution presence in both the UK and Europe
Demand is growing strongly for CBPMs, especially for and wellness products with CBD sales outstripping vitamin neutraceutical sales in 2020
Ability to import low cost CBPMs from Lesotho and Malta to competitively supply the UK market
7K sqf courtyard for additional storage and processing Third party white label agreements increase supply of cartridges and edibles